Tragedy and Comedy Halloween Pumpkin Carving Fun

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Drama Queen Pumpkins TM
Theatrical Melodramatic Comedy and Tragedy Mask Stencils for Fright Night

I remember my parents making a set of laugh cry Sock and Buskin masks out of sawdust and glue. I was too young to get involved but I do remember watching them paint each mask, one black with gold trim and the other red with gold and black trim. I thought they were the best masks I ever saw. Needless to say, laugh cry or theater drama masks will always have a strong-hold of my heart.

These are a few pumpkin tragedy and comedy mask carving patterns to grace your opening night celebration or backyard horrorfest Halloween slasher movie matinee. The use of tragic comedy masks in theatrical productions date back to theatre of Ancient Greece, or ancient Greek drama. Masks were needed because the outdoor theatres were large and people in what we would call the "cheap seats" today couldn't see the facial expressions of the actors on the tiny stage below. Volume apparently wasn't a problem because the theaters were constructed acoustically so sound would carry long distances.

Laugh and Cry masks consisted of intensely exaggerated facial features and expressions that could be seen from afar. If the story line called for a cheerful person a smiling mask was used. Oh, and since only men were allowed to be on stage, masks that portrayed female features were also necessary.

Laugh and Cry Pumpkin Carving Patterns

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