Folding Food Wrappers for Cupcakes and Treats

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Minicake Wrappers for Holiday Treats

Plain or fancy, these cupcake wrapper patterns are designed to be decorative wraps for placement around cooked and cooled cup cakes for parties and holiday fun (Halloween soulcakes). Use regular cupcake paper or tins to cook, do not cook with these wrappers.

Mix together the ingredients to your favorite cup cake recipe and fill the haunted house with smells so sweet and tantalizing that it would chase the Munsters clean out of town.

While the cup cakes cool, print these wrappers and cut out the designs along solid lines. The folded areas are designated by dotted lines. There isn't much to these patterns, just assemble the two ends and fold the bottom piece under. The circular bottom piece is optional. Fold the tab to the inside of the cupcake wrapper. The weight of the cupcake alone should keep the tab pressed in place nicely, however, if you want to place other items in the decorative cups, such as loose candy or jelly beans, the tab should be taped or stapled otherwise you'll be playing "find the bleep-bleep jelly beans" all night.

Pre-Colored Cupcake Wrappers

The bonus is you get to introduce concepts of Kirigami and Origami with these day of the dead wrappers all the while your little gremlins think they are simply creating mortifying and monstrous Halloween cupcake treats for uber spooky fright night festivities.

Bake and decorate your favorite cupcake recipes then wrap each treat with these decorative wraps. Use as candy or nut dishes for individual servings or place settings. Children can print and assemble these easy cup cake wrappers decorated with spooky Halloween images and characters for exciting Trick or treat fun.

Print these pre-colored cupcake wrappers on regular 8 1/2" x 11" paper then cut out each wrapper and assemble. Once kids get the hang of cutting out these patterns try creating some new designs with printable Spooky Halloween Gift Wrap.