Scared, Worried & Frightened

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Panicky & Hysterical

timidity abounds pumpkinFill your frightful festivities with a plethora of spineless ninnies all in a constant state of terror and ready to cut and run at a moment's notice. Line the walkway to your creepy castle with rows of fearful eyeballs staring out from the darkness at all visiting guest, welcome or otherwise. Add a dash of pusillanimous insanity to the wild and mystic bacchanalia festival. Be a sport and scare the beegesus out of the pre-school open house Halloween party.

Terrified Afraid

Absolute panic attracts hungry little costumed ghouls and goblins who come to gather to feast on sweet candy and treats...and zombi brains. Celebrate Halloween with the underworld and throw your party into a permanent state of dread and fear as the grim reaper rides through just for a visit, and perhaps, yes, it is a well known fact (that I just now documented, so it is true) the Grim Reaper would come back to life for a Klondike Bar.

Print these fainthearted, phobic, frightened, chickenhearted fear filled mask stencil images and make decorations for your annual Hallowmas observance. A good collection of demons, ghosts, bats, black cats, devilish goblins and other night of the living dead walking ghouls on All Hallow's Eve guarantees the spirits a nightmare of a good time for all.

Scared Faces