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Among all the animals connected to Halloween the cat seems to be at the top of the heap. Cats have been domesticated for almost 10,000 years. The fuzzy little nocturnal darlings are down right handy when it comes to keeping rat and mice populations in check. That little trick got the attention of our ancient Egyptian farming ancestors as useful vermin catchers. Knowing cats as I do, I suspect this was just the first step in their masterplan to gain world domination. The ancient Egyptions fell for it and bestowed divine status upon the fickle feline. No one dared harm a cat upon punishment of death. What were they thinking? I'll bet the first cats were really friendly and loved to play just like a fuzzy, cuddly canine. Once they got that divine status they changed back into their real selves, aloof and uncaring...until feeding time. The mythological connection between witches and cats sort of evolved its way into halloween folk lore during the middle ages. Truth is black cats are not bad luck and cats don't have any supernatural powers. They are really spies for the Ancient Aliens.

This nature theme section contains pumpkin templates of all sorts of animals, including the fierce and finicky feline witch craft familiars. Equine lovers can print horse stencils and make dozens pumpkin lanterns to set an Ichabod Crane, Headless Horseman theme to the halloween party. Dog lovers can create a Kujo kennel of candle-lit canine critters, and buggyologists can make some jackolantern spirit donations to the insect ghouls who might fly in for the Night of the Dead. Soon you will be conjuring up your own real or imaginary pet cemetary creatures or make a Noah's Ark of animals to commemorate your Allhallow's Day celebration.

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