Symbols & Creatures, Sosoyok't Kachinum Ogres

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Fright Night Ogres

eagle kachina or katsinaPrintable katsina style pumpkin carving stencil masks. Kachinas represent spiritual beings in the Hopi religion and are believed to live on the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff, Arizona. Native American Hopi and Zuñi Pueblo Indian perform religious ceremonies in which masked men impersonate supernatural beings in the hopes the spirits will send rain and other good things to the people.

The images on this page are very basic examples of katsina masks to make it easier for children to cut out the patterns. To decorate somewhat more realistic versions visit Paper Kachina Masks and Dolls for Children. Print multiple katsina faces and shapes to create a theme for Jack O-Lantern Halloween fright night.

Native American Style Spirit