Demonic Decimals for Demented Dunces

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Syllabery as Easy as 123

Number 0

Announce your parties address or phone or make party signs in spooky pumpkin form. Carve numeric addresses, phone numbers and secret coded messages to your heart's content with these numeric theme pumpkin templates for Halloween fright night activities.

Make team pumpkin or gourd Jack O' Lanterns or designate lanes for three legged or potato sack race competitions. Carve unique table setting decorations and refer to the numbers for raffle contests and door prizes. Mix and match numbers and letters stencil templates for children to spell out their names or write spooky messages to the advancing ancient alien army astronauts or help celebrate with the ghosts, witches, goblins and ghouls on All Hallow´s Eve.

Print the Halloween pumpkin numeric carving stencil patterns and trace the design into the flesh of your pumpkin or gourd with a poker or the point of a toothpick or pencil.

Numeric Characters in Chiller Font