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Home / Office Halloween Stationery

"sum tnk d art of letta ritN S goin downhill fst." If you can read that fractured sentence you are beyond help. For the rest of us, the sentence translates to "Some think the art of letter writing is going downhill fast."

While that is probably true for the most part, I think there will always be a use for colorful and attractive sheets of paper. If nothing else you can cut out some cute snowflakes or Halloween decorations of crazy colored ghosts, goblins, pumpkins, spiders or use it to wrap a small gift to present to a visiting trick or treater.

And you can always use it for the purpose it was intended for and put pen in hand to write frightful letters to friends or relatives to let them know you are safe in your cubicle dungeon or basement lair. Frighten your friends, classmates and coworkers these spooky letters from the underworld. Create scary origami Halloween trick or treat party decorations for an especially horrifying night of frightful celebration.

For a really cool and unique message format that is sure to be remembered and perhaps treasured check out Halloween Sayonara Message Dolls. Oh yes, and here is a lingo translator just in case some texter send you a message from hell.