peacock bird1200Flying Fowl Air Born Menaces

Churn out a flaky flock of feathered fiends with bird brained Halloween stencil carving images. Alfred Hitchcock will roll over in his grave for these monstrous bird theme Jack O-Lantern decorations. Create a murder of fiendishly unpleasant crows and ravens to watch over the night of the living dead festivities on guising night. Light candles to illuminate the pathway to your haunted house so hungry little costumed ghouls and goblins can find their way to feast on candy and treats.

Brazen Bird Brain Carving Templates


These fright filled owls, peacocks and eagles are sure to keep young pumpkin carvers busy while you prepare the haunted abode for the dreadful annual night of the living dead zombi parade. Patterns may also be applied to arts and craft hobby Halloween projects. Line the sidewalks and entrance to your midnight masquerade so the gruesome ghouls and creepy costumed hooligans, Frankenstein monsters and barbarian beasts. Save the innards of the pumpkin to make roasted pumpkin seeds.

Print lots of these faces and shapes to brighten your fright night festivities. Create trick or treat hanging ornaments for the Halloween party, or set the theme for fall season holiday celebrations and events.

Egg-Headed Brazen Buzzards