termite ant1200Buggy and All Insectyish Carving Templates

There's no way around it, bugs are buggy. A bug is a particular kind of insect with beak-like sucking mouth parts and milky or translucent fore wings. Most insects have one pair of antennae. Spiders have none, and crustaceans have two pair of antennae. Halloween bugs and insects are very different, however. You can put as many antennae, legs, icky eyeballs and chomping teeth as you want on your monstrous vermin of the underworld. Make a swarm of creepy crustaceans, a catch of cooties or a torrent of hungry locusts to munch and brunch on the haunted house and party guests, then turn them all loose in the midnight air on All Hallow's Eve.

Icky Tarantula Spiders and Terrifying Termites

With the proper carving tools, these easy Halloween insect images are a snap to master in almost no time at all. Enjoy the night of the walking dead October parades, festivals, costume parties, trick-or-treating, ghost hunts, haunted houses, bonfires, apple bobbing, fireworks and other festivities with stencils of ferocious dragons, werewolves and monsters. Frighten friends, classmates and coworkers with scary Halloween Trick or Treat party decorating ornaments for an especially horrifying fright night celebration. Print the Halloween pumpkin carving stencil patterns and trace the design into the flesh of your pumpkin or gourd with a poker or the point of a toothpick or pencil.