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These canine carving critter stencils will make spook night an orgy of terror with snarling snapping dog demons of the night standing guard at the gates of hell that you used to call your back yard patio.  All Saint's night brings out the worst in everyone so be prepared to frighten away all witches, warlocks and monsters who may be lurking in the darkness or lumbering your way through the dead of the dark and stormy All hallows Eve night.

With the proper carving tools, these easy Halloween beasties will be easy projects for children and beginners to master in no time at all. Make a pumpkin carving dog show arrangement to illuminate the walkways and porches so visitors and guests won't stumble in the darkness as they traverse through the gravestones, skeletons and bones of the dead to find your trick or treat party. Make shrink art jewelry to hand out to the tricksters in place of candy and sweets. The gremlins will appreciate wearing the trinkets long after the candy bars, candy corn, M&M's chocolates and foul fetid brain and worm treats have long been consumed.

It's a fact that dogs are direct descendant's of grey wolves, an evolution that began over 30,000 years ago. The grey wolf resembles a German shepherd but closer examination reveals the wolves head is larger, the chest is narrower, paws are bigger and the legs are longer. Also the German Shepard's tail curls upward and the wolves tail is fairly straight.

No one knows exactly how many dogs exist but it is estimated that there are around 172,000,000 dogs in the world today, probably most residing in the United States. Some of the names people give to these canine mammals are bow wow, cur, doggy, Fido, flea bag, hound, man's best friend, mongrel, mutt, pooch, pup, puppy, stray, tail-wagger and little tyke. I call my little mini-poodle some of the aforementioned words. It is amazing how many different sizes and shapes of dogs have come out of the genetic structure of the Grey Wolf.

Apparently the secret for this variety in breeds is because the DNA of dogs has so many changeable markers so the combinations seem endless. Other animals, like cats, for instance, do not have so many changeable markers so we see very little change in their appearance between pedigrees.