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Ferocious Halloween Dragons

light tiger dragon1200Mythical Fire Breathing Dragons

Dragon legend and mythology varies depending upon where you are in the world. Dragon and serpent worship developed first in ancient Egypt then gradually spread to Babylon, India, the Orient, the Pacific Islands, and finally the North American continent. Fire breathing dragons are European inventions. Western dragons are created from parts of various creatures with eagle's feet and wings, lion's forelimbs and head, fish's scales, antelope's horns and a serpentine form of trunk and tail.

Terrifying Dastardly Dragon Stencils

Eclipses were thought to occur when dragons attempt to swallow either the sun or the moon. The most popular sort of dragon mythology today seems to be the Chinese dragon which symbolizes the Chinese people who consider themselves as "Lung Tik Chuan Ren," or Descendants of the Dragon. Dragons are considered to be divine mythical creatures that bring ultimate abundance, prosperity and good fortune.

Print an assortment of dragon templates using cultural themes this year to bring magical or spiritual qualities to your pumpkin and gourd carving Jack O' Lanterns for the Trick or Treat festivities.