bugle mouth fish1200Fishes of the Sea, Carving Disasters

Frighten your friends with horrible freakish fish faces from out from the depths of the deep dark ocean. Fish are those cold-blooded vertebrate animals that live entirely in unknown water filled territories and move about with the help of gills for breathing and fins for swimming. These barracuda, shark and other menacing waterlogged meanies will strike fear into any unsuspecting land loving fish eater unfamiliar with the demonic and vengeful bubble blowing spirits from the deep.

Create scary Halloween Trick or Treat aquatic monsters and slime-sucking oceanic decorating ornaments for an especially horrifying fright night celebration. Surround the hot spa with leering lungfish and blood crazed crustaceans to ensure all guests a most uncomfortable stay. Print the Halloween pumpkin carving stencil patterns on regular paper and trace the design into the flesh of your pumpkin or gourd with a poker or the point of a toothpick or pencil.