Grizzly, Panda and Polar Bears

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Wild Bears Grizzly, Polar Panda

bears polar

Bears are found all over the world, primarily in the Northern hemisphere. The only bear found in the southern hemisphere is the Spectacled or Andean short-faced Bear of South America. Each geographic habitat supports a different species of bear. Polar Bears live in the cold arctic, on the continental shelf and the archipelagos.

The North American grizzly bear's territory ranges from Alaska to Mexico. The common Brown Bear, of which the grizzly is a sub species, claims Russia, United States and Canada for stomping grounds and shares United States and Canada territories with the American Black bear.

Bear species include

  • Indian Sloth Bear
  • Sun Bear of the Southeast Asian countries of  Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia
  • Asian Black Bear of Southeast Asia
  • Panda Bear of a small mountainous region in china