SpookFlakes Trick or Treat Creepflakes

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Ghostly Halloween Color Book Snowflakes

Ghostly Snowflake MandalaPrint dozens of frightflake Halloween stencil pumpkin carving patterns so kids can celebrate with all the ghostly witchs, ghastly goblins and gruesome ghouls on October devil night. Frightflake stencil patterns provide a unique carving experience.

Color book creepflakes are perfect for children too young or unable to use scissors or knives. Turn Halloween into a snowflake pumpkin blizzard of creep-flakes, freak-flakes and fright-flakes for chilly Night of the Living Dead celebrating.

These flaky printables are perfect for children to make hanging decorations, shink art jewelry, latch hook rug patterns and other fun Halloween theme projects necessary to scare away unwelcomed flesh-eating zombies, mummies and other night of the walking ghouls this All Hallow's Eve.

Spooky Halloween Six-Fold Radial Symmetricals

I like that description, "six-fold radial symmetric stencils." It's probably my first truely unique double-speak nonsense description. Does that make me eligible to work for the government? In my dream haunted mansion (why settle for a house) everything will be PC and double-talk. A true nightmare. Don't you miss the days when "Low Bridge" was a good enough description that kept most people from dragging a 20 foot tall hay ride wagon filled with squealing, costumed goblins under a 12 foot bridge.

Print color book paper creepflakes for Halloween ornaments and fun decorative additions to any October festivity. Fill your haunted abode with scary visions of Halloween ghosts, black cats and wicked creatures with these color book snow crystal patterns.

Halloween snowfreaks will keep young children busy for hours, and provide endless decorating ideas for Halloween costume parties and games. Decorate images with crayons or markers or pre-color and print on clear window decal paper, magnet sheets or iron on transfer paper for personal tee shirts.