Spoil the Party With Terrifying Troubled Tricksters

Why be happy when you can worry away those marauding ghouls, witches, goblins and midnight monsters on All Hallow's Eve with these negative-emotion-weary, troubling turd mobiles. Worry is an emotional response to anxiety or concern over real or imagined issues. The act of worrying is to fret or torment oneself with disturbing thoughts about those real or imagined issues.

There's no hope for these droll and woefully depressed dumplings as they can never be happy or worry-free. Our worrisome worrier stencils suffer from incorrigible negative self-talk that prevents them from seeing anything other than terrible tormenting torturers ready to jump out from every dark, cob webbity nook and cranny. These party poopers just know that they are dead meat for every night of the living dead zombie, werewolf, vampire and banshee out for brains and other gruesome, ghoulish delicacies.

Terrifying Troubling Tricksters

Set the mood for a horribly depressing Halloween Jack O' Lantern table setting, ornament or decoration. Print a mixture of emotions for your zombie party. Make happy theme place mats and sad scene table settings as well as fish faced sun catchers for windows and grumpy, growling, grouser hanging ornaments to keep the marauding spooks at bay. These stencil pumpkin Halloween images for children can also be used as patterns for personal or non-profit woodworking, embroidery, crochet, latch-hook rug making and glass etching projects.