angry031 1200Faces of Frustrated Fury for Fright Night Frivolity

Anger and rage can arise when a person feels wronged, offended, overpowered or denied and feels a tendency toward retaliation. Of all the emotions human beings have, anger is the most dangerous and unpredictable feeling which can easily get out of control unless the person regains control. People can become angry for many reasons but not all angry feelings take the form of violent behavior. There are many aspects of the emotion of anger ranging from minor irritation, annoyance to stormy and volatile outrage.

The horror movie Thir13en Ghosts with its house full of malevolent, evil spirits is a good example of the superstitious belief that spirits can be angry about their deaths and looking for retribution and vengeance upon world of the living.

Give the unforgiven, condemned wanderers of Purgatory a night of venting by channeling the angry spirits into Halloween fright night Jack O' Lanterns with these pumpkin carving templates. Make a ghoulish collection of macabre paper maché monsters or soft foam masks of