surly015 1200Mean and Greedy Gusses

The definition of greed is the desire to claim, own and control more possessions and resources than others - above and beyond the basic needs of survival and comfort. Funny thing about this country we seem to continuously walk the tightrope between the angelic qualities of goodness and the devilishness of greed.

The holiday of Halloween seems to be all about welcoming excessive behavior regardless whether it is bad or good. When I was a kid so many years ago candy bars and sweet treats were few and far between. For our Halloween treats Mom made candied popcorn balls, cookies, Rice Krispie marshmallow bars and occasionally peanut brittle. Chocolate was pretty much out of our financial reach so I really looked forward to the door to door trick or treating. Those heady visions of bags stuffed with free candy bars and bubble gum swam that through my little kid-sized brain were were too hard to resist.

Greedy, Selfish and Stingy Stencil Patterns

Today the focus seems to be more on throwing school parties or club house gatherings where children can gather to play games, dress up and hold contests more than the old house to house guising, at least that is the impression I get for my haunted neighborhood. The dynamics are all different today. We're literally overloaded with sweets to consume. Visit any grocery store at any time of the year now-a-days and you're instantly greeted with bags, boxes and gigantic displays promoting candies and sweets. The only thing different seems to be with the colors of the and red for Christmas, red for Valentines Day, green for St. Pat's etc., but the candy remains the same basic shape, size and sickeningly sweet taste because it's all made with corn syrup, which in my grumpy opinion, destroyed the taste of most of my favorite treats.