sly019 1200Dirty, Rotten Sneak Thieves

Of all the dirty dealing, underhanded and down-right dishonest ghouls and gremlins, these guys win the prize. Carve them up if you dare and surround the guests at your party with glowing sneaky eyed hornswaggling sidewinding rascals all eyeballing the valuables.

Sneaky Untrustworthy Demons and Rascals

Channel the evil-doers with a seance to bring out the spirits of outlaws like Jesse James and the James Gang, or Al Capone, Bonnie and Clyde and John Dillinger to haunt the atmosphere of the neighborhood while the little costumed guisers fly door to door in their candy quest.

Mix it up for these ne'er do wells by inserting some cheery and friendly faces to put a damper on the larcenous behavior. If that doesn't keep the thieving gremlins at bay bring on the ghouls!