eek024 1200Surprised & Flabbergasted

A shock results when something extraordinary happens that takes you entirely by surprise without any warning. A shock could also come from a jolt of electricity but, if you touch an electrical wire, how could you be surprised at receiving the shock?

When people are in shock we can feel thunderstruck, stupefied or completely overwhelmed. Shocking events can be as small as being startled by a monstrously fat rat scurrying across the kitchen floor and seen by only you or as large and terrifying as a massive tsunami wave and witnessed by millions.

This little collection of mutant monsters will fill the atmosphere with such fear and dread that the worst malicious spirit malingerers would be wise to stay away from your Halloween festival. Whatever scared the wits out of these trifling troglodytes is too terrifying for the meanest and most malevolent walking dead zombie that ever crawled out of the graveyard on bewitching night to imagine.