spooky eyeballsUnbinding Chains

Printable, easy Halloween spooky paper chains and hanging ornaments for ghostly zombie party arts and craft activities. There's nothing easier than making paper chains. The minimum supplies necessary are an assortment of colorful pieces of paper, a pair of scissors and tape or a stapler, that's all. Of course you can go all out with glitter and glue, crayons and markers. These Halloween color book images are perfect for creating frightful ornaments and spooky party decorations.

Zombi Chains Monsters

Watch in absolute horror as grimy little gremlins transform your comfortable home, office or party surroundings into a "night of the living dead" house of horrors with these printable paper chains and Halloween hangers. Frighten friends and enemies alike and send them all screaming in terror at the sight of these horrifying color book images. Create twisting, turning lengths of scary Halloween trick or treat party chains for an especially horrifying night of frightful celebration.

Print these Halloween Paper Chain images on regular to heavy duty 8 1/2" x 11" paper. Color with crayons, markers or water paint.