Slide Snowflakes Spooky

halloween cat1200Fright-Flakes Snow Crystals

Make dozens of colorful fright flakes and freak flakes for Halloween this fall season. Sneak in a little math related educational Halloween snow flake fun with symmetrical folding freak flake patterns. All the materials you need are a good pair of sharp scissors, thin paper and other crafty products like glitter glue, laminating paper, paper clips or ornament hangers, yarn or shrink art material.

Print dozens of fright flake Halloween stencil pumpkin carving patterns so kids can celebrate with all the ghostly witches, ghastly goblins and gruesome ghouls on October devil night. Fright flake stencil patterns provide a unique carving experience.

Bubble, Bubble on the Double Folding freak flake kirigami entertains while educating children about basic math concepts of symmetry. Make dozens of Halloween spooky ghosts, black cats and more ghoulish Halloween creatures with a pair of scissors and colorful sheets of piece of paper.

Making snow flakes is a joy and a rite of passage from childhood. Meaning, if you've never made a paper snowflake and you're older than 10 years old, here's your opportunity to make amends to receive your S.E.D. (snow flake education diploma). Soon you'll be creating blizzards of freaky flying ice crystal decorations for the onslaught of hungry spooks and zombies slowly dragging themselves into your family room or den.

Fold and cutout spooky ghosts, black cats and more ghoulish Halloween creatures with these flake patterns. Soon you'll be dreaming up new and unique monsters and ghoulish topics to add to the dungeon.