pumpkin stems tops1200Make A Pumpkin Face

Cut out these various, interchangeable, different shaped pumpkin face parts to make a ton of different and unique faces designs and shapes. A smile can be turned into a frown by simply flipping the image upsidedown. Place all the cutouts into a pumpkin template1200hat or bowl and have the kids randomly select a part to apply to a creative patterns. The results will be fun and excitingly weird - perfect for spook night.


These color book pumpkin parts; eyes, noses, mouths and eyebrows, combined can help create an almost unlimited combination of unique pumpkin face templates and stencils to use for carving patterns. Above all, be creative. Just because the printouts designate that a shape is a nose or mouth, this doesn't mean it has to be one on your special pumpkin.

Print these paper pumpkin parts and cut out the various eyes, noses and mouths. Use the blank, tall, fat and round pumpkin formats below, depending upon your pumpkin's shape, then paste the pumpkin parts onto the formats to create the perfect Jack O'Lantern face for your pumpkin.

Printable Mix-&-UnMatch Pumpkin Parts

Make games out of these cutouts. Print over sized and make a custom classroom Halloween beast of a pumpkin design. Throw a pumpkin carving contest. Tape or pin the features onto your pumpkin until you find the right design for you then trace around the feature prior to carving.