012pumpkin cupcake flagsCupcake Flags for All Hallow's Eve - Guising Night

The Celts of Europe believed that the dead arose on the eve of the Samhiam festival the season where spirits and ghosts of the dead would roam the earth to visit family or haunt enemies and otherwise torment innocent living people. Superstitious Celts would guise (disguise) themselves in attempts to trick wandering malevolent ghosts hoping the bad spirits would mistake them as just another Specter.

Eventually the festival developed into the custom of remembering the dead with prayers instead of animal sacrifice. People began the tradition of baking little "soul cakes." These were small biscuits and pastries they would hand out to the town's poor in exchange for blessings. The soul cakes represented the sins of the souls of the deceased. In some cultures families would prepare lavish feasts and set the food out on tables, then would leave their homes for church. It was considered a bad omen if the sin-eaters didn't eat all the food while the homeowners were away.

Make some tasty cup cakes or other sweet Halloween treats or pastries this year and tag or flag them with these spooky cutouts. Children can write names or short messages on the backs of the flags to add to the Trick or treat fun. Print these tags on regular 8 1/2" x 11" paper or clear laminating sheets. Cut out each pumpkin tag either along the dotted lines or along the outline of each flag.

Apply glue or paste to the back of the tags then fold the tag in half over toothpicks or popcicle sticks. Allow to dry thoroughly before using for best results.

Other ideas for these flags could be to fold over string or yarn to make silly Halloween necklaces or decorations. Use them for gift tags, secret, tiny notes to pass to friends, tape coins (like quarters) to the inside and give as rewards.