penciltops002Pencil Gremlins and Zombie Flags

Remember the little folding paper cartoons you found in boxes of Cracker Jacks? I used to love to fold and cut slits into the little prizes and put them on top of my pencils in the classroom. Yea, I was a nerdy kid.


I'm always trying to find unique and different uses for my images and those carmelized candied popcorn treats with peanuts were in my mind when I thought up to design these cute pumpkin and Halloween pencil toppers.

Print the sheets below then cut out each topknot individually. Each sheet hold 14 toppers and a small section of instructions. Really not complicated at all. Just cut out each square, slightly fold each piece and give a little snip along the dotted lines with scissors, just wide enough to slip a pencil or pen shaft through so it fits snuggly (not loose).

If you make the snips too wide then the topper will slide up and down. Slide the pencil tip through the slits and pull the topper toward the eraser end of the pencil.

These Halloween printables are appropriate for children of all ages and skill levels. Create scary Halloween trick or treat party flags for table decoration centerpieces or provide spooky pens and pencils for guests and visitors at the sign in desk.