ghost004 1200Irreverent Relics

Where would Halloween be without the haunted apparitions of ghostly spirits gently wafting in the midnight breeze. Ghosts are believed to be the soul or spirit of a deceased person that manifestation or makes itself visible to the living.

Some people believe that they can communicate with the ghostly spirit of a deceased person through the act of spiritism by holding a séance. Belief in spiritual manifestations is common among cultures even today and dates back into pre-historic times before writing was invented.

Ghastly Ghostly Carving Patterns

Superstitious and religious practices were thought to appease the dead and prevent ghosts, spirits and poltergeists (noisy ghost) from appearing and invisibly making objects move invisibly. Some of the various, historical practices to appease unsettled spirit visitors are funeral rites, exorcisms, and ritualized magic spells and incantations intended to prevent revenants from rising to create hate and discontent among the living.

Revenants are vengeful spirits of the dead such as vampires, zombies and mummies and otherwise wicked, vain unbelievers who are imagined to be starving and envious of the living to the point where they cause disease and pestilence to bring suffering to the living. I can think of several politicians who fit this description.