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Bully, Pumpkins Punks & Jerks Template Stencils

bully001 1200Menacing, Threatening Bullies Pumpkin Stencils

These self aggrandizing, tormented antagonistic bullies are the worst of the dark spirit realm. Not even the baddest of all demons, ghouls and flesh-eating zombies of the dark world want these bullying brow beaters in their midst.

There's a lot of selfish "me" time going on when bullies lurk about. That's because these harassing meddlers think of no one other than themselves and can't stand being ignored, so they torment and tease while flying about in the dark haunted skies in order to disrupt the gathering of the ghouls.

Menaces to Society

When these malcontents arise on Halloween they celebrate their night of freedom by terrorizing hapless zombies, scaring the wits out of the bogeyman and strong-arming costumed trick or treating into giving up their hard-earned candy.