sly018 1200Sly, Dastardly Goblins on Halloween Night

The hair-raising creeps are out tonight with these horrible hooligans and generous jerks. Watch your back if you add these conniving plotters to the fright night festivities. Don't place them close to each other if you know what's good for you. Better yet, put a happy or friendly face in between these antisocial net workers to break any psychic connections.

When the boor and bounder prowl the night all bets are off. Your skin will crawl in chilly, dreadful anticipation. Your heart will race with petrifying speed. Keep your costumes close and be sure to always hide your face when these stinking scoundrels perform their horrifying, macabre midnight dance.

Make candle lit pumpkin or gourd table centerpieces for the party (if you dare) with grimacing ghouls to guard or hide the door prize tickets...but don't be surprised to find the tickets vanish before your eyes with these sleazy, slight-of-hand slime bags.