Musical Fun, Guitar and Drums

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Guitars and Drums

Music makes the world go around. There isn't a culture on the planet that doesn't have some form of musical entertainment and specialized instruments upon which to play. Prehistoric people 40,000 years ago, carved flutes from bones pierced with holes. I'd be willing to bet they used bones as drumsticks as well. This section contains printable musical instrument arts and craft projects and activities.

It occurs to me, the older I get more and more of my favorite songs have been converted to meaningless commercial slogans and simplistic jingles based upon well-known oldies but goodies. How my grandparents must have felt the first time they heard the TV Lone Ranger movie theme song, the William Tell Overture. Think of "Michigan J. Frog" belting out refrains of Hello! Ma Baby. Come to think about it Judge Judy's intro is one of the classics, "Beethoven's Fifth" ... sigh. It becomes ironic and somewhat amusing when the commercials change entire meanings of songs to sell a thing, but at least the frog was funny.


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