Succubus Chicanery: Bed Time Nightmare

graveyard tombstonesOnce upon a time there was an crippled, old war veteran and his wife who enjoyed life tending their happy pumpkin patch.   Every Hallowen they they gave happy pumpkins freely to the poor, all the children, schools, churches and travelers. They grew wonderful round pumpkins, and decorated each decorated with happy, joyous and sometimes monstrous faces.  Every year people would travel far and wide to receive a free pumpkin.

One day the wicked queen was riding in her carriage of gold and spied the lovely pumpkin patch. She became obsessed with the little round happy pumpkins and so decreed them to be her property, each and every one. 
The evil queen sent her ladies to pick all the pumpkins that the farmer and his wife had grown for the children, and ordered the pumpkins  delivered to the palace. The queen's ladies  stripped the old couple's garden bare of all round happy pumpkins and trampled the garden into dust, leaving the old farmer and his wife  to grieve because there were no pumpkins left to give to the poor,  the children and all the schools, churches and travelers.
As time passed the queen grew bored with the happy little round pumpkins, for they would never stay in a nice, neat pile and kept rolling about as round things tend to do. So, she cast an evil spell to magically transform all the little round pumpkins into square, stackable pumpkins, each with identic

al faces, identical sizes and identical shapes.   At last, the queen's pumpkins were manageable and looked exactly the same.   This pleased the queen so much she issued a proclaimation to decree her square pumpkins to be the best in the land.  Square pumpkins became all the rage and were put on display in high society courts and sold to kings, queens and royalty the world over.

Meanwhile the spring rains came and went and the happy pumpkin garden patch once again sprang to life in the old couple's field.   Once again the happy little round pumpkins grew in the garden so the couple once again could enjoy giving them freely to the poor, children, schools, churches and travelers.

The evil queen fumed, infuriated that the old, worthless, penniless farmers would insult the crown so by growing happy, unmanageabl

e round pumpkins in their dirty litle garden patch just to be given away to filthy little peasants and beggars.   She ordered her mighty generals to dispatch armies to swarm the happy pumpkin patch and seize all the round pumpkins.  Then she issued a new proclaimation to decree the law of the land to make all round pumpkins illegal in the kingdom.   From that day forth her subjects could only possess the queen's square pumpkins.

But the subjects were poor and overtaxed and none could afford the queen's square pumpkins.  So as the rains continued to sprout the seeds so did the old couple quietly continue to grow happy round pumpkins whenever they could to enjoy giving them freely to the poor, the children and all the schools, churches and travelers.
The queen's rage continued to grow until one day she ordered her armies to destroy the old couple's house along with the pumpkin patch garden.  So the armies came and burned the garden and the cottage to the ground to at last be rid of the happy little pumpkin patch.   The old couple, defeated, eventually died and the queen was pleased.

The end.