Party Invitations

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invitation002Party Invitations and Stationery

These are a couple of invitations I created for the Paper Eggs web site's Easter party invitations section. I liked them so much I made some for several other sites including Paper Pumpkins and Paper Snowflakes for Children.

Kids can print the blank or uncolored template invitations on regular white paper then color with crayons or magic markers. For pre-colored invitations, use an inkjet printer to obtain the brightest colors.

The design is really very basic, so a young child should easily be able to manage the simple straight folds necessary to make the envelope and insert the card into the envelope.

Cut out the envelope and card sections. Fold the envelope along the dotted lines. Use the straight edge of a ruler to make the fold perfectly aligned. Paste envelope sides together with tabs tucked inside the envelope.

Write Messages

Write the invitation information on the card, insert the card in the envelope and send in the mail or hand out in person. Enjoy!