haunted house1200Common Familiar Symbolic Patterns

The symbols for Halloween include pointed witches hats, skulls and skeletons, spiders and icky eyeballs. Shake it up a bit with these evil eye, goddess, star, moon and more symbolic stencil designs. Make a few golf ball theme pumpkins to set out on the lawn for a game of mushy croquet games. Mark the horseshoe lane with the Good luck Shamrock template. Mark the landing lane for the evil alien conquers with tessellations, symbols of eternity and crop circle messages.

Common Symbols Emblems

Add the mystery of the Ancient Aliens to the dark holiday festival. Spell out messages of welcome or warning in mysterious cryptology known only to the ones who created us all, the alien fiends. Maybe you'll get lucky and they'll invite you to the home planet for some ice cream sundaes and sunshine...not.

Use these spooky color book images to create trick or treat hanging ornaments for the Halloween party or to decorate and set the theme for fall season holiday celebrations and events.

On the other hand you can declare Independence Day and carve up a collection of old glory stars and stripes. That will take care of the alien invaders all right, but then there are all those night of the living dead we seemed to have forgotten about. Better carve some Hands of Fatima and God's Eye pumpkins to have as backup ;-)