asian001 1200Eastern Pumpkin Attrocities

Bali is an Indonesian island located between Java to the west and Lombok to the east.

Some Balinese masks are considered sacred and to be treated with great respect. Many Indonesian or Bali masks are used in dance and drama performances. Javanese and Balinese dances are historically rooted in epic love stories, classical tales of knights, giants or ogres, and tales of gods and life altering events, with some stories dating back to the 11th century. Masks are usually made out of wood, then painted in with colors and designs. Religious Balinese Hinduism is a mixture of beliefs that embraces theology, philosophy, and mythology, as well as ancestor worship, animism and magic. With these masks you can set the ancestral spirits loose on Halloween night to perform dances for the parade of zombies, witches and warlocks.

Indonesian theme Halloween fright night stencil templates and pumpkin carving patterns for children to carve to help scare away the ghosts, goblins and other night of the living dead on All Hallow's Eve. These Asian theme Buddha, dragons, demons and monster mask images are adapted from existing historical photographs, ancient images, Petroglyphs and sand drawings or other educational research and works of art which represent typical or readily recognizable styles employed by various indigenous people or cultural groups.

With the proper carving tools, these easy Halloween images are a snap for children to master and in no time at all their Jack O' Lanterns will be joining the night of the walking dead festivities. Illuminate the dark walkways to guide little demons to your haunted house to feast on brains, worms, spiders and other candy and treats.