Hellions and Barbarians from The Underworld

The word Monster comes from the Latin word "monstrum", which describes unusual and weird situations usually something biologically odd or abnormal.
Movies like Frankenstein and stories of werewolves and vampires portray monsters as, well quite monsterous, but occasionally they are depicted as friendly, misunderstood creatures such as with the stories of the Incredible Hulk and Shrek.

Generally a monster is something physically or psychologically hideous or considered a freak of nature. However, the term may also be applied to something morally objectionable, such as with a person who does really bad things.

Horrifying Freaks of the Unnatural

These demon and monster masks are guaranteed to transform your lovely little flower bunch into a gruesome, growling, ghoul of a grump. Children can also design horrible costumes for these masks using strips of paper and old clothes from grandma or grandpa. Decorate these freakishness, frightful, fabrications of fanciful fun with color crayons or markers. Decorate with glitter glue, feathers, bits of yarn and other materials on hand. Make paper maché masks molded onto inflated balloons. Paint with frighteningly frightful colors.

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Monsters and Horrible Demons