4001firststep1200About Snowflake Patterns for Children

Paper Snowflakes was my first website beginning at the end of 1999. Initially the website listed for sale images from my brother, Robert Kelley's blue book. We thought that it would be fun to see if people might pay $1 dollar for a design or sign up for membership privileges. I personally paid for the business license, the cost to buy the domain and hosting and personally designed the entire website, navigation and provided all maintenance.


I also spent many hours promoting the site and submitting to search engines, etc. The initial plan didn't work out well however, even though the site was extremely popular, it didn't come close to paying for itself so after about two years he requested I remove his designs from paper snowflakes web site. 


This left me at a crossroads. I had toiled for over two years, spent thousands of hours, caring and feeding paper snowflakes website, promoting,  submitting the content to search engines and nagging school and library officials to notice, choose whether to take down the site or continue with new, unique designs.


I had been dreaming of building image clip art websites of various topics, so continue I did.  I spent a week or so  developing a good number of brand new snowflake patterns to replace the old designs.  These new images went on a CD which I personally placed in my brother's hands with the request that he preview them. He gave no objections to any design. 


Since 2002, I have continuously re-drawn and re-designed the images to make them better quality, more mathematically correct, interesting, easier to cut and to have an educational purpose.


The goal of Paper Snowflakes website is to be more than a simple work book filled with enjoyable snowflake patterns.  Much research went into these patterns as I investigated every aspect of snow flakes, snow crystals, the shapes and sizes of classifications symbols, weather conditions and history. I've built these pages with these aspects in mind to make the site and images valuable for teachers and educators.


Today the site resembles more of a layperson's encyclopedia about snow and snowflakes than a workbook. My unique designs include 2, 3, 4, 6 and 12 sided flake patterns and templates as well as simple flakes for beginners. Plus, for children and people who cannot use or handle sharp Xacto knives or sharp scissors I've provided stencils and coloring book outlines.