dannosuke1200Nippon Kabuki Mask Templates

Welcome the marching demons from the underworld on the night of the living dead by throwing a grand and exotic kabuki theatre dance party. Make it an educational celebration and teach about customs, traditions, legends and gods or demons. Carve dozens of dance masks into gourds and pumpkins to illuminate the dark and stormy guising night.

Kabuki is a popular Japanese theater art that features masked characters dressed in wild costume who sing and dance to tell stories.

The Skikami mask below is also a Kyogen mask but with a fierce scowling face to portray a demonic spirit. Samurai were the warrior class of military men in medieval Japan (around the 12th century).

These mask stencil prints are based upon traditional Japanese Kabuki dancer costume designs and other ancient masks and historic carvings. Print these stencil Japanese Samurai, demon, Skikami, Usobuki kabuki pumpkin templates for some East Asia fun on All Hallow's Eve.

Treat your candy-hungry red devils and whirling dirvishs with Japanese Kabuki theater opera masks, wicked-looking Samurai faces and Monstrous Demon face Jack O-Lantern Halloween party decorations and ornaments.

Drama, Dragon and Demon Carving Templates