kirituhi001 1200Maori Islander Tattoo Carving Stencils

Become a New Zealander or Kiwi for a night of frightful fun. Kiwi is the slang term for natives of New Zealand. Kirituhi is the Maori word for masks or artworks created by "outsiders" (people who are not of Maori descent). This definition includes popular, modern Polynesian tattoo body decorations, created by non-Maori people, that mimic Maori markings but have no particular meaning. Making Kirituhi masks would be a good classroom project to apply to the blank mask templates images. Authentic Maori tattoos are considered sacred and as individual as a fingerprint, Kirituhi tattoos were developed out of respect for Maori culture.

Children can design their own unique, pretend New Zealand native tattoo Kirituhi masks for fright night with these stencil templates for pumpkin carving activities.

Kirituhi Kiwi Masks for Cultural Theme Carving

These mask stencil prints are based upon traditional Maori face tattoo designs. Maori are the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand. Their Ta moko (tattoos ) are very distinctive permanent body and face markings made, not by needles as with usual tattoos, but by actually carving into the skin by uhi (chisels).

The tattoos are an important part of Maori ritual culture, signifying the passage from childhood to adulthood. The markings can also be for beauty and signify a person's rank or status in the community. The moko (tattoos) can be drawn anywhere on the body such as women's foreheads, buttocks, thighs, necks, backs, stomachs, and calves.

Brighten your fright night festivities with Kirituhi pumpkin carving template to help illuminate the pathway to your haunted house where hungry little costumed ghouls and goblins gather to feast on candy and treats.